What would it take for your business to become more profitable
or your professional life to be more fulfilling?

“The Chicago area business and Jewish community have greatly benefited from the leadership of Shalom Klein….Shalom works with elected officials, business leaders and community groups to improve the job climate, promote prosperity and better the lives of his fellow citizens. His dedication to the Jewish community is unparalleled.” — Paul Miller

“He now sits at the center of a networking web, making connections….and helping people accomplish things they would not have thought possible.” — Glenn Kapetansky


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Proud to see Keshet sing the National Anthem at the Northwestern basketball game at Allstate Arena

3-D holograms preserve Holocaust survivor stories in Skokie exhibit

  Fritzie Fritzshall knows she is running out of time. She knows the day will come when she won’t be here to describe being herded onto a boxcar, hearing the cries that turned to whimpers that turned to the silence that signaled another death. And she won’t be able to tell of the doors opening […]

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