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Join Shalom Klein each week and get down to business! An avid networker and dedicated entrepreneur, Shalom will share the advice you need, the strategies that work and the stories of success to help you with both business and jobs. 


6/25/2017 with Rob Mor, Thomas Kret and Juliana Taimoorazy:

6/18/2017 with Vadim Vladimirskiy, Mike Kelly and Rosalinda Maury:

6/11/2017 with Oran Cohen and Dr. Hugh Seally

6/4/2017 with Barbara Singal, Linda Nicholls and Dr. Benjamin Fergus:

5/28/2017 with Justin & Jim Shein, Jim Oberhofer, Merrill Matthews and Mordechai Czarka:

5/21/2017 with Michael LaVista, Albert Ferguson and Kelly Tarrant:

5/14/2017 with Tom Miorobali, Chad Broderick and Paula Burrell:

5/7/2017 with Mike Launes, Shawn Stahmer and Karli Johnson:

4/30/2017 with Howard Stone and Tom Broadwater:

4/23/2017 with Faisel Khan, Donna Paul and Adam Grossman:

4/16/2017 with Anthony Petite, Joe Coakley, William Bauman and Susan Caplan:

4/9/2017 with Bruce Matza, Jim Brunetti, Merrill Matthews and Kenneth Coats:

4/2/2017 with Trisha Bolthouse, Michael Schultz, Linda Nicholls, Leah Durant and Tom Miroballi:

3/26/2017 with Barbara Singal, Linda Nicholls and Dr. Benjamin Fergus:


3/19/2017 with Moe Vela, Esther Kapetansky, Justin Lopatin and Lisbeth Calandrino:

3/12/2017 with Sheldon Helfgot, Hollie Fagan and John Weber:

3/5/2017 with Jeff Weber, Linda Nicholls and Dr. Fred Jacobs:

2/26/2017 with Faisel Khan, Donna Paul and Adam Grossman:

2/19/2017 with Andy Crestodina, Scott Ward, Rep Will Guzzardi and Charlie Harary:

2/12/2017 with Sharokina Pazand, David Rubinstein, Beth Rosen and Michelle Sinkovits:

2/5/2017 with Ioana Salajanu:

1/29/2017 with Justin & Jim Shein, Jim Oberhofer, Merrill Matthews and Mordechai Czarka:



1/8/2017 with Barbara Singal, Linda Nicholls and Dr. Benjamin Fergus:


1/1/2017 with Ryan Hayman:

12/25/2016 with Ryan Hayman:

12/18/2016 with Bruce Matza, Jim Brunetti, Merrill Matthews and Kenneth Coats:

12/11/2016 with Elan Kornblum and Jeff Stier:

12/4/2016 with Evie Carpel, Elisheva Klein and Elliot Cohen:

11/27/2016 with Marc Schulman, Norman Anderson, Bob Markoff and Ron Mandelbaum:

11/20/2016 with Rob Mor, Thomas Kret and Juliana Taimoorazy:

11/13/2016 with Moe Vela, Esther Kapetansky, Justin Lopatin and Lisbeth Calandrino:

11/6/2016 with Ed Dernulc, Luis Arauz and Albert Ferguson:

10/30/2016 with Moshe Klein, Linda Nicholls and Christopher Pinckley:

10/23/2016 with Michael Barnatan and Elizabeth Fisher:

10/16/2016 with Dirk Van Loon:

10/9/2016 with Anthony Petite, Joe Coakley, William Bauman and Susan Caplan:

10/2/2016 with Mark Marcinkowski, Paul La Schiazza, Albert Ferguson and Alan Lev:

9/25/2016 with Tim Jensen, Michael Bland, Andrea Storz and Linda Nicholls:

9/18/2016 with Chani Richter, Kari Gutstein, Steve Bernas and Scott Bradley:

9/11/2016 with Steven Steinfeld, Steve Garchow and Halleemah Nash:

9/4/2016 with Vadim Vladimirskiy, Mike Kelly and Rosalinda Maury:

8/28/2016 with Justin & Jim Shein, Jim Oberhofer, Merrill Matthews and Mordechai Czarka:

8/21/2016 with Moshe Klein and Linda Nicholls:

8/14/2016 with Rob Biederman, Jai Luster, J.J. Montanaro and Jamie Nelson:

8/7/2016 with Wendy Jaehn, Susan Caplan, Tziporah Gelman and Susan Worline:

7/31/2016 with Brian Dvoret, Wayne Winegarden and Jeff Aeder:

7/24/2016 with Angelo Spyratos, Zach Gay and John Whitman:

7/17/2016 with Marnie Swedberg, Linda Collins, Scott Catt and Ken Dermer:

7/10/2016 with Buzz Ruttenberg, Gayle Norton and Linda Nicholls:


6/26/2016 with Gary Patterson, Laura Frankel, Michelle Bauman and Mike Hale:

6/19/2016 with Dave Kramer, Lori Sackler, Jonathan Lee and Steven Shalowitz:

6/12/2016 with Angelo Passalacqua, Dr. Lynn Chehab and Motty Stone:

6/5/2016 with Vince Allegra, Chad Broderick, Jeff Carroll and Linda Nicholls:

5/29/2016 with Lakshmi Deepa, Steven Schwartz and Bernard Small:

5/22/2016 with Dr. Shelley Halper, Neli Rowland and Greg Jaeger:

5/15/2016 with Lee Newmark, Brendan Gallagher, Mike Kelly and Nicholas Armstrong:

5/8/2016 with Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, Katie Stewart and Susan Reynolds:

5/1/2016 with Igor Murokh and Linda Nicholls:

4/24/2016 with Peter Schoenke, Jonathan Crane and Stephen Alpert:

4/17/2016 with Brad Cole and Dr. William Katz:

4/10/2016 with Andrea Metcalf, Tom Casale and Susan Caplan:

4/3/2016 with Josh Kiem and Dan Duster:

3/27/2016 with Mary Jone Copps, Congressman Peter Hoekstra and Mark Kalish:

3/20/2016 with Shalom Klein:

3/13/2016 with Mark Denzler, Andrew Dennison and Linda Forman:

3/6/2016 with Andy Jansen and Karen Kaplan:

2/28/2016 with Paul Leinwand, Brad Hettich and Scott Bradley:

2/21/2016 with Jennifer Gendel, Jennifer Phillips, Morris Tawil, Tony Martinez and Adam Carlson:

2/14/2016 with Bob Baittie, Chris Everett, Andrea Storz and Helene Berns:

2/7/2016 with Tanya Triche and Brent Novoselsky:

1/31/2016 with Matt Abeles, Chris Everett, Michael Bertamini and Michael Lorge:

1/24/2016 with Donna Rockin, Joe Parisi, Mike Harriet and Luke Thyme:

1/17/2016 with Dr. Barbara Ross Lee, George Hoffman, Elisheva Klein and Dave Yonkman:

1/10/2016 with Greg Jaeger, David Balestery, Avi Lesser and Michael Stuart:

1/3/2016 with J.J. Montanaro, Jacob Meister , Wayne Breitbarth and Henry Goodelman:

12/27/2015 with Selwyn Gordon, Don Adams, Michael Meath and Chris Everett:

12/20/2015 with Dan Swinney, Chris Lesner and Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers:

12/13/2015 with Rafi Herzfeld, Dan Winslow, Mark Weirda and Ben Kohn:

12/6/2015 with Shirlanne Lemm, Ed Momkus, Yehiel Kalish and Sally Pipes:

11/29/2015 with Dr. Dan Krochmal, Jeff Sebert, Bruce Leon and Jason Jacobsohn:

11/22/2015 with Mark Sanborn, Chuck Porcelli, Brian Steele and Chris Everett:

11/15/2015 with Chairman Pete Hoekstra, Sumit Nijhawan, Senator Mike Noland and Eric Eversole:

11/8/2015 with Brett Walkow, Patrick Bertsche, Theresa Mah and Dr. David Friend:

11/1/2015 with Julie Poulos, Ryan Fitzgerald, Brent Booker and Ron Michilak:

10/25/2015 with Amy Shivvers, Mickey Straub, Bruce Leon and Allen Lefkovitz:

10/18/2015 with Lisa Carrel, Christine Hutchison, Brad Niedermaier, Andrea Storz and Donna More:

10/11/2015 with Chris Everett, A.J. Melarongo, Alan Shusterman and Ronna Fisher:

10/4/2015 with Tom Figiel, Ferdinand Dimailig, Quinton James and Avi Jorisch:

9/27/2015 with Kevin Einbinder, Bret Bonnet, Paula Peterson and John Figiel:

9/20/2015 with Norman Anderson, Joe Lundvick, Yaron Talpaz and Tom Figiel:

9/13/2015 with John Figiel, Mas Kahn, Rachel Cipriano and Kevin Einbinder:

9/6/2015 with Mayor Jerry Turry, Dan Defino, Chris Everett and Tom Figiel:

8/30/2015 with Xavier Hernandez, William Downey and Susan Simonsen:

8/23/2015 with Kelly Lusson, Martin Piplits, Lee Singer, Desmond Clark and Wayne Winegarden:

8/16/2015 with Andy Crestodina, Scott Ward, Rep Will Guzzardi and Charlie Harary:

8/9/2015 with Mike Cavanaugh, Brian Holdampf, Chuck Smith and Sally Chapralis:

8/2/2015 with Chris Everett, Scott LoSasso, Joel White and Paul Avram:

7/26/2015 with Cynthia Beebe, Janet Traphagen, Allison Norton and Warren Brand:

7/19/2015 with Ray Hicks, Michael and Marilyn Stopka, Christina Habib and George Hoffman:

7/12/2015 with Ave Horowitz, Chuck Benain, Senator Toi Hutchinson and La’shon Anthony:

7/5/2015 with Bruce Leon, Dr. Rocco Salviola, Josina Morita and Jonathan Lehrer:

6/28/2015 with Daniella Levitt, John Winzler, Dan Proft and Matt Sloan:

6/21/2015 with Leslie Kahn, LeRoy G. Hagenbuch, Danette Swank, Trustee Michele Bromberg and Wendy Katz:

6/14/2015 with Jay Feinberg, Consuelo Martinez, Darrin Lowe and State Rep. Chad Hays:

6/7/2015 with Steve Hall, Bill Giffin, Gregg Steinberg and Brandies Dunagan:

5/31/2015 with Mike Maddock, Jeff Bohne, Simona Citron and Scott Gendell:

5/24/2015 with Kenny Smilovitch, Craig Lowder, Dwayne Hirsch and Ken Jarosch:

5/17/2015 with Scott Hansen, David Petersen, Robert Harney and Chris Everett:

5/10/2015 with Elena Valentine, Carl Dekker, Zeyad Matariyeh and Sid Mathias:

5/3/2015 with Tom Figiel, Marty Ozinga, Avi Lesser and Bill Auerbach:

4/26/2015 with Bruce Leon, Don O’Malley, Dale Turken and Igor Murokh:

4/19/2015 with Patrick O’Rahilly, Kray Kibler, Paul Dworianyn and Florence Hardy:

4/12/2015 with Hank Ostholthoff, John McMahon, Jim Kendall, Ron Bliwas and Dan Gelfond:

4/5/2015 with John Figiel, Eeki Elner, Jeff Gradek and Chris Everett:

3/29/2015 with Peter Sikorski, Cassandra Willis, Sari Klein and David Jacobson:

3/22/2015 with Congressman Robert Dold, Mark Goodman, Daniel Burns and Jake Garfinkel:

3/15/2015 with Jim Lencioni, Dick Smith, Sharyl Ross and Andrea Storz:

3/8/2015 with Bruce Leon, Chris Everett, Howard Rieger and Debbie Schreiner:

3/1/2015 with Moe Vela, Kevin Einbinder, Abbie Weisberg and Joe Walsh:

2/22/2015 with Dr. Joseph Silberman and Shanan Fennema:

2/15/2015 with John Maxwell, City Treasurer Kurt Summers and Israel Minister Menahem Hesse:

2/8/2015 with Andy Nathan, Alderman Jason Ervin and Michael Slater:

2/1/2015 with Debra Shore, Bruce Leon, Paul Miller and Tony Scimeca:

1/25/2015 with Bob Baittie, Chris Everett, Andrea Storz and Helene Berns:

1/18/2015 with Rachel Cherny, Alderman Bob Fioretti and Ryan Bhikha:

1/11/2015 with Michael Shapiro, Steve Coven, Mike Ripp, Elliot Richardson and Chaya Appel:

1/4/2015 with Gideon Blustein, Rob Dolin, Jordan Hobfoll, Cornell Wilson, Chris Everett and Chaim Shapiro:

12/28/2014 with Julia Kline, Tom Figiel, Linda Forman and Miriam Ament:

12/21/2014 with Spencer Maus, Victoria Quero, Bruce Leon, Shana Erenberg and Max Dayan:

12/14/2014 with Chuck Hamburg, Warren Brand, Chris Everett and Gary Miller:

12/7/2014 with Chuck Hamburg, Mike Maddock and Rick Levin:

11/30/2014 with J.B. Brocato, Chris Everett, Moshe Klein and Ira Piltz:

11/23/2014 with Dean Klassman, Bruce Leon, Paul Miller and Zach Hubeck:

11/16/2014 with Mary Nemetz, Neli Rowland, Andrea Storz and Jeremy Neil:

11/9/2014 with Kathy Carpenter, Justin Lopatin, Esther Kapetansky and Raman Chadha:

11/2/2014 with CJ Seestadt, Mayer Sherman, Peter Sikorski and Chris Everett:

10/26/2014 with Gideon Blustein, Gary Rabine, Elliot Richardson and Helen Levinson:

10/19/2014 with Michael Rosen, Laura Meyer, Cameron Smith and Dr. Dean Bell:

10/12/2014 with Jules Knapp, Bruce Leon, Robert Jordan and Chris Everett:

10/5/2014 with Alex Bratton, Steven Dyme, Andrea Storz and Michael Slater:

9/28/2014 with Dave Ritter, Thomas Figiel, Mark Kalish and Steven Dyme:

9/21/2014 with Alex Zeltcer, Connie Lavin, Alex Korneyev and Chris Everett:

9/14/2014 with David Spitulnik, Sharon Nazarian, Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely and Dr. Steve Julius:

9/7/2014 with Deanna Shoss, Jerry Witkovsky, Dan Weinfurter and David Friedman:

8/31/2014 with Ryan Bhikha, Bruce Leon, Andrea Storz and Joel Schreier:

8/24/2014 with Eugene Shlyakhta, John Figiel, Chris Everett and Aimee Daniels:

8/17/2014 with Professor Koby Nahmias, Tom Cross, Talia Mashiach and Aaron Miller:

8/10/2014 with Tom Kuczmarski, David Stolman, Jake Weiss and Glenn Kapetansky:

8/3/2014 with Justin Breen, Chad Spivack and Tom Johnson:

7/27/2014 with Stephanie Strauss, Cathy Carroll, Max Suzenaar and State Rep Laura Fine:

7/20/2014 with Daliah Saper, State Rep LeShawn Ford, Alex Korneyev and Bryan Jurewicz:

7/13/2014 with Bruce Leon, Congressman Robert Dold, Steve Bernas and Elliot Richardson:

7/6/2014 with Chris Everett, Helen Bloch, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Gail Schechter:

6/29/2014 with Adam Fridman, Alan Gerstner, John Figiel and State Rep. Lou Lang:

6/22/2014 with Linda Forman, Paulie Miller, David Levine and Tom Peters:

6/15/2014 with Kathy Carpenter, Andrea Storz and Mayor George Van Dusen:

6/8/2014 with Peter Sikorsky, John Tsarpalas and Neli Rowland:

6/1/2014 with Chris Everett and Bill Auerbach:

5/25/2014 with Joe Walsh, Mark Lawrence and Paul Rosengarten:

5/18/2014 with Michael Slater:

5/11/2014 with Les Lawrence, Chris Everett and David Hochberg:

5/04/2014 with State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, Todd Heyden and Andrea Storz:

4/27/2014 with Bruce Leon, Lisa Singer and State Senator Daniel Biss:

4/20/2014 with Elliot Richardson and Paulie Miller:


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