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Elisheva Klein and I are making calls to remind Skokie residents to vote TOMORROW for the Skokie Caucus Party!


Celebrated Skokie volunteer commissions at a dinner at the Holiday Inn


Haifa Mayor Yonah Yahav visited with Skokie Mayor Van Dusen and toured the Illinois Science and Tech Park


Chicago Mag’s Field Guide to Skokie – Where bagels, falafel, and mole negro live in harmony


A few years back, Skokie was the only town in Illinois named one of America’s best places to live by a website called, fittingly, Livability. That may come as a surprise to those who merely pass through town while cruising down Dempster Street, but not to the people who reside there. The North Shore burb, once dubbed the world’s largest village, is known for its large Jewish population—an estimated 28 percent—but boasts a wider ethnic diversity within its 10 square miles: Residents speak nearly 100 languages. Skokie certainly has shopping figured out, too; it’s got an old-fashioned downtown as well as one of the country’s first outdoor malls. But if you don’t want to bust out the credit card, there are plenty of parks and outdoor spots to see for free.

Read more at: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/March-2017/Skokie/

Chicago, Skokie among cities across the nation urging federal judge to keep Trump’s travel ban on hold


Municipalities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and Skokie, Illinois, urged a federal judge on Friday to continue blocking aspects of Republican President Donald Trump‘s travel ban.

Read more in the Chicago Tribune at https://t.co/TgbpWfW9Q4

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