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Plan of Chicago: Sister Neighborhoods and Sister Strong, Chicago Tribune, 11/27/2015

Summers’ summit brought together a second serendipitous pairing: Rodney Walker, executive director of the Albany Park Community Center, and Shalom Klein, executive director of the Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park. Albany Park had successfully lobbied for a new library; West Rogers Park seeks to persuade the city to replace a 1960s-era library at 6435 N. California Ave. “We are following the playbook of communities like Albany Park,” Klein tells us. “They said, if you want to talk to someone who can make this happen, we can help.” Albany Park officials connected Klein with Chinatown officials and others who have learned the ways of clout to get a library built. “What it boils down to is we are engaged in conversations and in learning that without Sister Neighborhoods, we would have never known,” Klein tells us. “If we want a library, we should be talking to people who have advocated successfully for a library.”

On the air: Skokie’s small business guru hosts radio show, Skokie Review, 6/3/15

Shalom Klein must have the largest hat rack in all of Skokie considering how many hats he wears in his day-to-day life. Just when you think he could not possibly fit another one, Klein takes advantage of a new opportunity that he says was too meaningful to pass up. Not long ago, the Economic Development Commission chairman, Dempster Street Merchants Association co-founder, student, Jewish B2B Networking chairman, jobs adviser and vice-president of Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd. in Skokie added another unlikely role to his arsenal: radio host. What was not unlikely, though, is that just over a year later, “Get Down To Business With Shalom Klein” on radio’s AM 560 (WIND) seems a big success.

Small Business Guru Takes on Robust Schedule, Skokie Review, 6/11/13

There may be no busier person in Skokie than Shalom Klein who lives there, works there and volunteers much of his time there. And there may be no busier month for Klein than June. Klein helps run Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd., his father’s bookkeeping and accounting firm that helps small businesses. It has two offices on Dempster Street in Skokie – on the east side and the newer office on the west side near the Skokie Swift train station. But this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Klein’s activities, especially in helping small businesses grow and connect with job-seekers.

Skokie life saver becomes advocate for swab testing, Skokie Review, 2/24/2014

Only four months after Shalom Klein saved a stranger’s life, he was advocating to others why they should put themselves in a position to possibly do the same. True to his word, the Skokie resident followed through on a promise he made upon completing a bone marrow transplant last October that allowed someone somewhere to live longer.

Skokie’s Shalom Klein was ready to save a stranger’s life, Skokie Review, 9/24/2013

Shalom Klein has done a lot in a short time at age 25, but saving a life isn’t one of them. That, though, is just what Klein was prepared to do after a routine bone marrow screening more than a year ago. They took a swab inside his mouth, and he forgot about even having done it until he received a monumental call upon coming out of a downtown meeting.

Skokie’s Economic Development Chairman, Shalom Klein, Prepares to Save A Life, WBBM 780, 10/11/2013

Networking Tips with Shalom Klein of Jewish B2B Networking, WGN Radio, 12/15/2013

Skokie small business guru becomes radio host, Skokie Review, 4/18/2014

And now it is Shalom Klein, the radio host. Klein has signed on with AM 560 WIND to host “Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein,” which airs weekly at 6 p.m. on Sundays. The first show was scheduled for April 20. Although Klein has become a networking business guru of sorts, this was one of those rare opportunities that took him by surprise. He was at WIND for other reasons, he said, when the suggestion for a radio show was presented to him. He immediately was intrigued. “I’m no stranger to the microphone,” Klein said, “so this seems like a great opportunity to reach more people. I’m very excited about it, and I sure didn’t know the opportunity was coming.”

Shalom Klein Launches Radio Program, The Joe Walsh Show, 4/17/2014

Lifesaver: Skokie business man donates marrow to save stranger, Skokie Review, 10/15/2013

Shalom Klein’s on again-off again journey to help save a stranger’s life suddenly became on again. The 25-year-old Skokie resident reported in the early morning Oct. 14 to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, where he spent his full day hooked up to a machine donating bone marrow.

Cancer patient gets life-saving transplant from unexpected hero, Fox Chicago, 10/11/2013

On Friday, a young man from Skokie prepped to save the life of a man he has never met. He will be a bone marrow donor for a patient dying of cancer and says their story will inspire you to think about doing the same. Shalom Klein sees his doctor regularly for injections. The injections over four days are stimulating his stem cells so he can donate them to a complete stranger with acute myeloid leukemia–a form of blood cancer that without treatment could be fatal. “What’s a little bit of pain relative to somebody’s life?” Klein says. “That’s a very easy sacrifice for me to make. I’m excited about it.”

Skokie Man Preps To Save A Life Via Transplant, Skokie Patch, 10/14/2013

Shalom Klein of Skokie is in the process of trying to save a life by donating his bone marrow to an anonymous dying patient, according to Fox 32 News.
Bone marrow matches are very difficult to find and Klein hopes his story inspires others to join the bone marrow registry, which seeks to find matches for patients in need, he told Fox. “What’s a little bit of pain relative to somebody’s life?” Klein told Fox.

For Skokie marrow donor, life also goes on, Skokie Review, 10/17/2013

Anyone who knows how productive and successful Shalom Klein has been in his young life also knows what a different day he had Monday. But Klein made sure it wasn’t too different. Even though he laid in a chair, one of his arms immobilized and wrapped in a heating pad, the other hooked up to the machine cycling through his blood, he worked. Klein helps run Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd., his father’s Skokie bookkeeping and accounting firm for small businesses. He is a business networking coordinator, chairman of Skokie’s newly-formed Economic Development Commission and much more.

Influencing perception, making change in Chicago’s ‘Jewish Stronghold’, JUF News, 8/29/2013

A kick-off networking reception-which drew some 20 Devon merchants, businesspeople, and activists of different faiths-was held in July at Devon’s newly remodeled Ted’s Fresh Market. “This is the first of many events we envision aimed at recreating Devon Avenue between California and Kedzie as an exciting international marketplace,” announced committee member Shalom Klein.

Economic Development Commission backs plan for Skokie Swift area, Skokie Review, 2/4/2014

Economic Development Commission Chairman Shalom Klein said his group, formed last year by Mayor George Van Dusen, endorses “the overall intent and findings of the plan, and encourages a process that will lead to a comprehensive plan amendment in support of more transit-oriented development for this area.”

New Commission Studies Skokie Sign Code, Skokie Review, 9/16/2014

Economic Development Commission Chairman Shalom Klein said the new group will tackle the subject appropriately. “There never will be a one-size-fits-all,” he said. “There never will be the perfect recipe.” Klein said it’s clear that Old Orchard should have a different standard than some businesses on smaller sites. “At the same time, the goal of this process is to talk and to listen,” he said. “I think we did a good job of listening. This was a good conversation.”

Third Annual Business Event Draws Thousands to Area, Skokie Review, 6/25/2013

Skokie resident Shalom Klein’s annual day-long gathering of small businesses, job seekers and those with like-minded interests drew thousands of people. In moving through the school’s large field house, where dozens of booths were set up June 20, Klein seemed to shake more hands than a high-profile political candidate. Classrooms serving as venues for timely learning workshops were mostly filled during the day.

Skokie’s new Economic Development Commission, Skokie Review, 5/7/13

Skokie’s first Economic Development Commission is now officially set, after Mayor George Van Dusen Monday named 13 people to the new panel.

The appointments are for two years, with Dempster Street Merchants Association Chairman and business owner Shalom Klein named chairman for the next year. The vice chairman will be Howard Meyer, executive director of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce.

Even in business, helping creates its own reward, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/26/2013

Shalom Klein, chairman of Jewish B2B Networking Inc. in Skokie, Ill., receives calls and resumes every day from people — more than 1,600 to date — who don’t have jobs or don’t have jobs they want. He also helps business owners. “I drink a lot of coffee every day,” he quips. When he hears from employers looking for people to hire, he digs into his database.

Jewish Council launches Storefront Makeover Contest to boost Devon, JUF News, 8/8/2013

“This is the first of many programs aimed at recreating Devon Avenue as an exciting international marketplace,” said Shalom Klein, community organizer and business consultant and vice president of Moshe Klein and Associates.

Some Suburbs Reversing Retail Vacancies, Others Stumped, CBS 2, 5/10/12

“Some residents consider a vacant stretch of Dempster Street an eyesore. ‘I’ve seen all these storefronts filled, and now I’m seeing so many of them empty,’ says Shalom Klein of the Dempster Street Merchants Association.”

Heart of Gold, Chicago Venture Magazine, 08/26/2013

I knew something outstanding was going on, but when a friend raved about it, I had to stop procrastinating and find out more. Shalom Klein founded and runs the JB2BN, which is a really cool acronym for the Jewish Business to Business Network. To gain an interview, I had to schedule a time slot.

Tackling Jews’ economic woes, one business card at a time, WBEZ Radio, 8/25/11

It’s hard to feel like there’s much any of us can do to help fix our economy these days. But in north suburban Skokie, an unlikely young man is taking a stab at it by playing a sort of business matchmaker within his Jewish community.

Dynamic Young Leaders Making a Difference, ABC 7 Chicago, 11/30/11

Skokie resident helps jobseekers make key connections, Skokie Review, 7/18/11

Shalom Klein of Skokie can’t solve the considerable unemployment and under-employment problems in this country, but there’s nothing he likes better than helping one, two, a dozen struggling people at a time.

“The Business Event” at Evanston Township High School, a Smashing Success, TribLocal, 6/20/13

This writer would like to thank the many good folks at ETHS (Evanston Township High School) for providing an abundance of both as thousands of job networkers/seekers and business owners came from near and far to attend “The Business Event” organized by Skokie resident and publisher of JBN (Jewish Business Network) Shalom Klein.

Interview with Shalom Klein and Bill Crosby – Business Networking, 560 WIND, 1/14/11

Shalom Klein organizes very successful networking meetings and events, both to connect entrepreneurs and those seeking employment. He shared tips on being confident and strategic about connecting with people at these events.

Shalom Klein on the Higher Learning Network, 7/31/13

Shalom Klein: Jewish B2B Networking, SmallBizAmerica, 4/1/11

Shalom Klein is the Director of Business Services Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd., a Chicago-based accounting firm that provided low cost bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services for small businesses around the Country. He is a tireless networker and has founded Jewish B2B Networking, which plans and hosts many events for small businesses all around the Midwest region. He is also the Publisher of Jewish Business News, a small business publication which distributes tens of thousands of copies around Chicago.

Shalom Klein on the Townstone Financial Show, 08/22/2013

Shalom Klein joined David Hochberg to discuss jobs, small business, and his community resources offered through Jewish B2B Networking.

Shalom Klein, the Networkers’ Networker, OpEdNews, 3/23/2011

There is a statistic out there that 90-95% of job openings out there are not posted online. Both business and employment opportunities require real relationship and personal connections. I am excited about our successes but look forward to doing even more and serving as a resource to your readers. The strength is in numbers, if we can come together – we will be able to accomplish huge things for our business community.

Linked Local Network Reports on Shalom Klein, BlogTalk Radio, 1/27/11

Mike Boehler will interview Shalom Klein is the Business Director of Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd., a Skokie-based accounting firm that provided low cost bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services for small businesses. He is a tireless networker and has founded Jewish B2B Networking, which plans and hosts many events for small businesses all around the Midwest region.

Big Crowd Expected at third annual The Business Event, Skokie Review, 1/11/13

As many as 5,000 people could come June 20 to the third annual The Business Event at Evanston High School, 1600 Dodge Ave., Evanston. Skokie resident and young networking guru Shalom Klein created the event to help small businesses grow and to connect them to job-seekers who might be a good fit.

Breaking Stereotypes in Hiring Practices, Forbes, 4/13/13

Ultimately, Shalom’s approach is unique to the networking field in that it is focused on smashing stereotypes and opening up lines of communication- a philosophy he refers to as his “all-of-the-above strategy.”  However, more importantly is his success with this approach: next week’s monthly networking event in Evanston has 5,000 RSVP’d attendees, with more word-of-mouth participants expected.  “It’s funny.  As we grow the company, we still run this as a typical, grassroots lead and run organization with people willing to go beyond their job description and volunteer for more responsibility…and they’re all women.”

More Young Adults Shedding Debt, Chicago Tribune, 5/15/2013

“Live within your means” is Shalom Klein’s advice to other young people. “Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it,” he said. “Then set aside money for unexpected expenses like car repairs, because they will happen. Work hard while you’re young and have lots of energy. You’ll be glad you saved it, when you’re older and you want to retire.”

Jewish Detroiters Connect Through Business Networking, Detroit Jewish News, 4/26/12

Common roots certainly help foster Jewish business networking, but values play an important role as well. Shalom Klein, founder/chairman of the Chicago-based Jewish B2B Networking and publisher of Jewish Business News, also in Chicago, noted that helping people make business connections is based on Jewish teachings.

Dempster Street Merchants Hold First Meeting, Skokie Review, 1/12/12

“It’s shocking that something like this hasn’t been created in the past,” said Shalom Klein, a networking guru in the region who also works with his father in a Dempster Street business.

Business Event in Skokie a Place to See and Be Seen, Skokie Review, 8/29/11

More than 100 businesses and thousands of professionals came to Skokie Thursday for Jewish B2B Networking’s first-ever “The Business Event.” The business gathering at the Skokie Holiday Inn provided an opportunity for many people to meet to exchange ideas and contacts. Jewish B2B, headed by Shalom Klein of Skokie, is planning to host a small business legislative forum at the Skokie Theatre Sept. 26.

Get Connected, JUF News, 3/10/11

You might say Shalom Klein was born to schmooze. In fact, within hours of our interview, I already had several emails from Klein connecting me to people I should know. It’s this passion for networking and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Klein so successful at what he does. As the chairman of Jewish B2B Networking, Klein spends his days (and most likely his nights) making connections for small businesses in the Chicago Jewish community.

Giving Networking The Business, Chicago Jewish News, 9/03/10

When Shalom Klein moved back to Chicago from New York to help grow a family business, he quickly began looking for networking opportunities in the Jewish community. He didn’t find any. “Everybody told me you should network,” Skokie native Klein said in a recent phone conversation. “So I started hanging out at a lot of bars downtown. I found good groups, bad groups, saw what works, what doesn’t work. But I’m a very business-oriented person, and when there is blasting music in the background, it’s hard to meet people for business.”

Next Month’s “Business Event” Set for Skokie, Skokie Review, 7/18/11

Shalom Klein has been behind dozens of networking events over the last year, but his next one reflects his most ambitious undertaking yet. The Business Event is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 25 at the Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore in Skokie. It will feature 100 vendors, 2,500 business networkers and 30 employers.

Shalom Klein, Networking Maven, TribLocal, 4/6/11

Talking to Shalom Klein might catapult a job seeker into a nirvana where job layoffs are nonexistent, work opportunities abound, and the word “recession” is not in the English vocabulary.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Business Networking Guru, Daily Herald, 3/18/13

Shalom Klein, who was born in Vernon Hills, assumed he would join his family’s accounting firm, Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd. in Chicago and Skokie, at some point. But he decided to do other things for a while, including taking on the role of CEO at and project manager at Then he became vice president at the accounting firm in 2009. That’s when he starting shifting things around. He helped to develop a niche at the firm where he catered to small businesses and realized they had a need to network so they could better serve each other and expand their businesses.

Thousands Expected to Attend Small Business and Job Seeker Expo, June 20, NBC News, 6/18/13

“Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re looking for a job, there’s something here for you,” said Shalom Klein, Chairman of Jewish B2B Networking. “You’ll find networking, opportunities to learn, and even practical advice.”

Ten Things I Love About Living in Skokie, GoodNews Skokie, 3/20/13

Shalom Klein is a mover and a shaker. One of those people who knows how to get it done. He is an expert networker and community builder. Someone I am proud to have met in our community and even more proud to share his list. A newlywed and life long resident you can tell he is rooted in the community and works hard daily to make Skokie a better place.

Thousands of Job Seekers Attend ‘The Business Event’, Skokie Patch, 6/27/12

The event also attracted the attention of not just regular people, but elected officials as well. “Shalom has put together several different business events,” said U.S. Congressman Bob Dold, (R-10) who ventured out of his district. “I am trying to support businesses and the economy. We have held job fairs up at in the 10th District. This is a jobs fair that is focused on B2B endeavors.” Despite being a only 23, Klein has achieved a cult following in the area with this event in addition to many other ventures. He has been to the White House eight times over the past year for conversations with the Obama Administration. “Shalom Klein is a force of nature,” said U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-9). “Everything he does is a big success. There is nothing stopping him. I just feel confident with him as a leader for the next generation that we are going to be all OK.”

Thousands Network at Lincolnwood Town Center, Lincolnwood Review, 6/19/12

Shalom Klein of Skokie held his second annual The Business Event in Lincolnwood last week, expanding to a larger venue to accommodate thousands of people interested in small business. Klein has become a networking guru of sorts. He has helped create many networking opportunities for small businesses and job seekers including The Business Event, which was held for the first time last year at the Holiday Inn in Skokie.

Skokie Native Creates “Speed Networking” Group for Professionals, SkokieNet, 9/7/10

When Shalom Klein set out to network in Chicago’s Jewish business community, he quickly found out that a group like he imagined didn’t exist. So Klein created Jewish B2B, a networking organization for those wanting to connect with the Chicago Jewish business community. “There is really nothing like it in the Chicago area,” Klein told Chicago Jewish News. “I was always taught that the highest form of charity is helping people sustain themselves. There were so many (organizations) doing outrach, but nothing helping people meet each other” for business purposes.”

Making Every Handshake Count in Networking, Examiner, 5/21/12

A slight, bearded 23-year old man, Shalom Klein seems innocuous, however this avid networker and dedicated entrepreneur has mastered the ability to make connections count. Not only does he have more than 1,000 LinkedIn followers, but also, as the founder of the Jewish B-to-B Network, has helped connect more than 900 people to jobs in the past two years.

Make Connections at Jewish Networking Group, MLive, 11/15/10

Famed women’s rights crusader Margaret Fuller once said, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” She might have been speaking to Shalom Klein, director of marketing and client services at Chicago-based Moshe Klein & Associates.

For Jobs and Business, Make Every Handshake Count – Networking for Results, TribLocal, 5/20/12

His unbridled energy allows him not only to work for his family firm, but also to bound from early morning breakfast meetings to speaking engagements and networking events around the Chicago area through the evening hours. A networking event recently attracted roughly 3,000 people. He also holds monthly meetings and job clinics, in addition to hosting a webinar. At a recent job search networking meeting in Vernon Hills, Klein provided some of his most valuable tips.
“Networking is not selling,” he emphasized, adding “it is a byproduct that builds new business and develops relationships. “

Say Hello to Shalom Klein, Seth Saith, 2/6/11

Shalom Klein is a human conduit. And a bit of a wunderkind. Now just 22, in June 2010 he started Jewish B2B Networking, an organization dedicated to facilitating interaction among small business owners/personnel and prospective clients, as well as job seekers (despite the name, the group is openly non-sectarian). And something I really admire about Shalom is that while he has put the networking group, magazine and their accompanying websites together as a way to connect people in mass, he still effusively spends every day introducing dozens of individuals to each other, in person or via e-mail. While I can’t help but be impressed by the volume, I sense that he derives his greatest satisfaction from each and every connection that he makes.

The Best Networker I Know, Jeff Segal, 12/19/12

Ask any startup founders how they met, and you’ll probably hear something along the lines of “Well, I knew a guy who’d worked with her, then we ran into each other at TechCocktail and she introduced me to …” The startup community is networking nirvana. Yet the best networker I know doesn’t run a startup. He works for a Skokie-based family accounting firm. But—in his spare time—he leads a networking group that’s grown from zero to more than 18,000 members in just two and a half years.

Who’s Your Hero, JUF News, 10/12/11

This year’s JUF nominee is local networker Shalom Klein. In the past year, Shalom is responsible for finding jobs for nearly 100 Chicagoans and helping thousands of small business owners dealing with underemployment and financial challenges. As the founder and chairman of Jewish B2B Networking, Shalom spends his days, and most of his nights, making connections for small businesses in the Chicago Jewish community – you might say he was born to schmooze. Thousands of people have attended and benefited from his regular programming, including most recently “The Business Event,” a free business and employment expo which drew over 3,000 attendees. Shalom is an active member of the Jewish Vocational Services executive committee, serves on JUF’s Government Affairs committee as well as on Senator Mark Kirk’s small business advisory board.

New Merchants Association Planned for Dempster Street, TribLocal, 1/3/12

Klein and his son, Shalom Klein, an accountant who runs a popular Jewish business networking service, have joined with Chicago Jewish Funerals owner David Jacobson and First Bank & Trust assistant vice president David Putrus to form the Dempster Street Merchants Association.

Big Event for Small Businesses Set for Lincolnwood Town Center, Lincolnwood Review, 6/5/12

Anyone who thought last year’s triumphant inaugural The Business Event for small businesses couldn’t be topped doesn’t know Shalom Klein all that well.

The busy and ambitious Klein, who has been behind a plethora of networking events to help meet the needs of small businesses, has scheduled the second The Business Event from 1-7 p.m. June 14 at the Lincolnwood Town Center.

Skokie Based Jewish B2B Networking Event A Smashing Success, TribLocal, 8/26/11

“Energetic, entrepreneurial and optimistic” were the words with which U.S Congressman Robert Dold, small business owner and first-term GOP congressman from Illinois’s tenth district, characterized this grand business and social networking celebration, the brain child of principal organizer Mr. Shalom Klein, founder and publisher of the Jewish Business News magazine and director at Jewish B2B Networking.

Thousands Meet, Greet and Connect at B2B, Skokie Patch, 8/31/11

The project was spearheaded by Skokie resident Shalom Klein, the publisher of the Jewish Business News.  “Small businesses need to grow,” Klein said. “So many people that have small businesses need to meet people. The best way to do that is by meeting people and by connecting.” Klein talked about the problems on Skokie’s major thoroughfares such as Dempster and Oakton streets right now as the village tries to come out of the economic doldrums facing the rest of the country.

Networking So Easy, Koopersmithin, 1/24/11

Founded by Shalom Klein, this is an ideal opportunity for both businesses and job seekers. Stock up on the business cards or CDs and regardless of the weather, bundle up and COD: Come On Down.

My Visit to the White House, JUF News, 7/26/11

I recently traveled to Washington and had the unique honor and opportunity to be a part of the White House Community Leaders Briefing. During the 10 hours of packed meetings, a group of community organizers, not-for-profit directors, elected officials, and other leaders from around the country joined together in unity for a series of meetings at The White House. We had the chance to introduce ourselves, our organizations, and the communities we represent to senior members of the Administration. 

Meet Shalom Klein, Chairman of Jewish B2B Networking, OyChicago, 3/29/11

In June of 2010, Klein decided he wanted to introduce his clients, family and friends and held his first event at Slice of Life in Skokie. While he expected a small turnout of maybe 20 people, 75 people showed up.  “The outcome was great,” Klein said. “People were already doing business with people they met that day.”

The New Economic Reality, Jewish Action Magazine, 12/7/11

To land a (better-paying) job, job seekers need to be proactive. “All jobs are sales jobs—not necessarily selling a service or product, but you are selling yourself at all times,” says Shalom Klein, the founder of Jewish B2B Networking (, which hosts regular networking events for Jews living in Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis who wish to grow their small businesses or find a new job. The need for the organization was borne out of Klein’s experience in the family accounting business. Going through the books of small businesses, the Kleins noticed how many Orthodox-owned businesses were hurting—so much so that owners weren’t able to take a paycheck. Helping Jews network with one another, he says, helps enhance everyone’s bottom lines.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky and State Rep Lou Lang Among the Guests at Shalom Klein’s The Business Event, SkokieNet, 8/26/11

The Business Event held at the Holiday Inn in Skokie on Thursday exceeded attendance expectations welcoming nearly 3000 guests to the conference. The event featured over 100 vendors and was attended by businessmen from as far away as Detroit and St. Louis. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Robert Dold, State Representative Lou Lang, and David Snyder, President of Crain’s Chicago,  also made appearances. The Business event was the brain child of 22-year-old Skokie resident Shalom Klein who recently abandoned his rabbinical studies in New York in order to help his father (who runs an accounting firm) connect with small businesses in his hometown.

SBAC Member and Founder of Jewish B2B Shalom Klein Invited to White House, SBAC, 7/22/11

SBAC member and founder of Jewish B2B Shalom Klein has been selected to attend the White House Community Leaders Briefing Series on Friday, July 22. Every Friday this summer from June 17 through August 26, the White House will open its doors to community leaders from around the country to take part in its Community Leaders Briefing Series.

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