B2B Networking Community Expert - Shalom Klein

Enjoyed showing Bruce Rauner around West Rogers Park as part of the Agudath Israel “GOTV” campaign

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Networking Tip Of The Week – Build Relationships

Follow -Up. Consistent, focused contacts build strong relationships. Follow up on that referral you sent. Did it turn into business for the company you recommended. If not, why? Here’s a chance to find out more specifically how you can help fellow business professionals.

Networking Tip Of The Week – Keeping Score

Networking is not about keeping score. Networking involves building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect. When trust and goodwill are present people will naturally want to help each other whenever they can.

Podcast of “Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein” – 10/12/2014 – with Jules Knapp, Bruce Leon, Robert Jordan and Chris Everett


Spoke about “Getting Paid” at the City of Chicago small business expo

Chicago Small Business Expo

Chicago Small Business Expo

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