B2B Networking Community Expert - Shalom Klein

Networking Tip: It’s Not Your Father’s Networking

We all know people who have cultivated relationships with others, learned key information as a result, landed new business, landed their dream job without mounting any obvious search, etc. Those are the networkers to be emulated. This much has not changed. However, in several ways, networking techniques have changed (e.g., the pay-it-forward approach, building a personal brand along with an employer’s brand, use of on-line tools, integration of internal and external networking, widely varied events, and shifting the focus of networking activities throughout a career).

Visited Keshet Sunday school’s cooking class taught by the one and only… Elisheva Klein


Podcast of “Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein” – 11/22/2015 – Mark Sanborn, Chuck Porcelli, Brian Steele and Chris Everett

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Podcast of “Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein” – 11/15/2015 – Chairman Pete Hoekstra, Sumit Nijhawan, Senator Mike Noland and Eric Eversole

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